News Organizations That Uses Social Media Sites Effectively

With technology constantly evolving news organizations find new ways to reach out there audience. Social media has played huge role for news organizations to find ways to get the news out there. Two news organizations ESPN and The Bleacher Report use social media sites to get news out to the audience. ESPN tweeta breaking news in the sports world and in many cases they tweet about highlights in a game. They also use Twitter and Facebook to reach to the audience with series of poll questions and if the answers are good enough they might air it on the live telecast of SportsCenter. The Bleacher Report is a perfect example of the use of social media sites for news. This news organization is all online. They have articles on their website and uses Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to get news out to the audience. For example, using Twitter to tweet out a YouTube clip of an upcoming point guard entering this year’s NBA Draft. ESPN dabbles into using social media sites, but The Bleacher Report is all about using social media sites to the news out to the audience.  Thinking about MPJ and using social media sites The Bleacher Report is a great example.


Building My Brand: Starting From The Bottom

The personal brand that I am going for is being the woman that knows everything about sports. I am familiar with the sports terminology of each sport. The two main sports that I am know a lot about is football and basketball, but I do have the drive to be familiar with others. I try to keep up on current events happening in the world of sports. I think I have already started a personal brand on my personal twitter account where 80 percent of what I tweet about is about sports. Even though I watch different sports commentators but I also read of a lot of articles and stats. Not only on social media but I continue to build my brand by networking with others and in many cases family members look to me for information on the latest news and scores. Social media and word of mouth is how I’m going to continue building my brand. The goal is not just building a brand locally, but establishing a strong portfolio of work that speaks for itself. The key things to remember when building your brand:

  • Experience, skills, qualities helps build your own unique brand.
  • Find a subject or hobby that you are good at. (finding your niche)
  • Connect with the people and be social Use social media sites to further expand your brand.
  • Start a portfolio and put it out there.

There are few people that I look up to and I see how hard they work in building their brand, which gives me motivation to hit the ground running. The main person that I look up to is Rachel Nichols. She has been building her brand since the 1990s. I started paying attention to her when she was on ESPN. But her brand has grown since starting out at The Washington Post. Not only is she still on ESPN, but she also work with Turner Sports and CNN. Her brand is the reason why CNN has given her own show, her work speaks for itself.  Going to her twitter account you know her brand/niche which is sports, because what is in her bio and background image. What she stands for and her expertise is well known and she gives me motivation that one day I can be just like her.

The Titanic In Her Own Words

The photos and the video of the Titanic is something that tells the story itself without narration. On National Geographic website, provided a better insight of the Titanic before and after she sank. Visual of the wreckage draws the audience to have an emotional reaction to the video and photo. With each photo tells a story and in most cases the audience could possible draw a different story. They could visual picture them on the ship itself, give the audience more of a emotional attachment to the ship. There is an interactive mode where you can be a passenger on the ship and take a tour of the ship as well. The visuals of the ship before and after the wreckage could pull on the heart strings and has the audience think about all the families and crew members that were on the ship. Imagining the laughter that was filled in the hallways and the dining room, the visuals has the audience draw into being a passenger aboard the ship. The artwork is something to look at and how the artist can easily depict different stories told all at once.

The one thing that is important the videos and photos of Titanic is a different way of storytelling. In many ways, there is no need for voice over. It is not in the traditional sense of the journalist with voice over. The story is told by the ship itself. A different way of storytelling without using words to describe the images and videos. Giving the audience the option to interpret the video and photos differently, it give the audience a new meaning of the video or photo.

Soldiers Finally Getting a Chance to Go Home

SportsCenter put together a video package of soldiers returning home to their families. It is a good example of multiplatform journalism (MPJ) because not only is in a video/audio package and it can also be link to various social media sites. The video is up on YouTube and can be share with other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google plus.

The video package engages the audience and it is a different way of storytelling. This story is told by the characters in the story, in their own words. There was no need for a narrator for this piece. Everything comes together in this video, music becomes the central point of the video and it sets the tone and mood of the story. Chris Daughtry song “Going Home” is the central point and gives the story more meaning to the video. “Going Home” is a song that was written by Daughtry and he wrote it because while he was away he was missing his family. It is similar to what these soldiers were feeling while they were away from their families. The video has already receive a million views on YouTube.

 “ Well I’m going home, back to the place where I belong and where your love has always been enough for me. But these places and these faces are getting old. So I’m going home.”

Smoking on campus maybe over/ Smoking on SLU campus maybe over

The Faculty Senate on is proposing a policy to have a tobacco free campus. This policy defines tobacco as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, spit tobacco, and electronic cigarettes. If passed, the policy could be in effect as early as next year.

There is already a rule in place that smokers need to be a certain distant away from a building before lighting up, but not a lot of students follow that rule. It is seen as soon as students leave a building they immediately light up. SLU is attempting to be like other campuses around the city that have a similar policy. Schools like Wash U and UMSL has a smoke free policy on their campuses.

The current policy is required students to be at least 25 feet away from the building before smoking cigarettes, but not a lot of people know about this policy. “As it gets cooler, people start moving closer to the door even though there is that 25 foot to 50 foot policy. So when people are smoking at the door you have this very concentrated amount of carcinogens you are inhaling as you’re entering the building even though it’s brief, it’s very potent,” Allegra A. Merriweather said. Merriweather is the President of an organization on campus called Smoke Free SLU. With this policy in place it does not seem it is enforce. Places like Xavier Hall, Fusz and the library on campus do not have signs that say “No smoking”. There was one sign at Beracha Hall, but around campus these signs are not on every building.

Some students do not agree with new policy and shows concern as to what it might mean if they can no longer smoke on campus.” If you make it illegal to smoke on campus then smokers will have to go off campus to smoke which can be dangerous,” Lauren Schmidt said. Schmidt is a junior at SLU and there is concerned especially if the policy is passed students may have to go to public areas at night.

There have been meetings taken place about the policy. It is open to the public and students and faculty members can voice their opinion about the new policy and also get more information. “I mean smoke-free, you are protecting people from secondhand smoke. Tobacco-free you are targeting the users, trying to protect them from themselves, and so that was some of the discussion at the Faculty Senate,” Dr. Jane W. Turner said. Turner also says that the Faculty Senate is spilt down the middle and there is no timetable as to when the policy will be passing or not.

The Faculty Senate is talking about the pros and the cons of the new policy. They are welcoming students and faculty feedback on the propose policy and are taken it seriously. Dean Trevathan promises to take these concerns back to the Executive Committee. Any questions students may have should contact their student government representative with update information on the new policy.

Florissant Fall Festival features shopping/Florissant Fall Festival features shopping & neighborhood

The Florissant Fall Festival, which started from St. François to St. Ferdinand. Each block was filled with different booths where attendees can shop, eat, and watch a puppet with kids. This event took place on Oct. 12, 2013. The Florissant Fall Festival is an annual event that has been going on for the past 15 years. . Katie Mahoney, secretary that helps organize the festival every year says that on about 35,000 people attend the festival. More than last year this only had 20,000 people due to rain.

Festival pics 004

 ST. LOUIS—on the average at least 35,000 people attended the Florissant Fall festival every year. Mahoney said (SLU/Delores McKenzie-Bush)

Variety of booths filled the streets, if attendees wanted to sign up for self-defense class there was a self-defense training Academy. A couple of booths away there was booth which was filled with Vietnam veterans serenading passerby. There was the smell of different types of food in the air. If you had a taste for some barbeque attendees could have stop by Taste of Romeo’s. Chef Romeo Banks has been cooking for some time now and has been attended this event for the last three years. “It all depends on what type of festival you go to. Most of them only have German food and not a lot of barbeque, what’s a festival without barbeque?” said Banks. He is best known for a foot long polish sausage. Cross from Banks booth, a puppet show happening in which the audience of children helped the main character solve a mystery.

Eugene Rubie, a caricaturist has been coming to Florissant Fall Festivals. “I have been attending this festival for the past 15 years. I’ll keep doing this until I go blind,” Rubie said. Other activities around the festival were a raffle where a lucky winner could win a 32- inch TV. BBQ, Italian, Mediterranean food filled up the air as attendees go around to different booths. Even a booth at the Chicken Teriyaki Bando who was cooking fried Oreos.

Different types of music for different people rather of attendees like rock, acoustic, Asian folk or even polka music. The festival as featured a flea market where people can shop for men and women who were looking dresses for clothing. Sports memorabilia store filled with St. Louis Cardinals store as well as a booth were selling comic books.