About Me

I took TV and Radio production class at the community college, and I loved it. In my radio production class, we practice writing the news for the radio station. My love for writing continued when I went to St. Louis University where I took a news writing and multiplatform journalism.

When I attended Saint Louis University, I wrote the news and was the Technical Director Assistant for SLU TV. I have more than five years experience working with Final Cut, Adobe Premier, and currently, I am learning After Effects.

A couple of months after I graduated in 2015, I was an Intern at The Allman Report that was on ABC30. I was able to be around the crew and experienced what it takes to put the show together.  I learned the importance of different camera angles, lighting, and audio. Working there, I gain additional experience in TV production.

Just recently, I received Masters in broadcasting from Lindenwood University. As I attended school, I also worked at the Lindenwood’s TV studio. I assisted in helping out different studio productions. In my tenor at both Saint Louis University and Lindenwood University, I have worked on over 100 studio productions that were both in the studio and on location. Where I worked as a camera operator, audio, graphics, technical director, and director.

I love to create and edit videos. I want to continue to do more with video editing as I am pushing the effort to get learn more about After Effects so I can do a little motion graphics. My goal is to be a Content Creator or Producer.

Delores McKenzie-Bush YouTube




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