Finding Inspiration When Creating a Website

Be creative. There is a couple of ways to get creative when you are building your brand and putting out a digital portfolio. He first thing you have to figure what kind of content you want to put out there that will grab the attention of the company that you would like to work for. The next thing is to come up with web designs and ideas on how you would want your website to look like.

Digital Portfolio

Take Lam Thuy Vo, a multimedia reporter that has a creative digital portfolio. Getting an idea of what she is all about on her home page it consists of frame shots of her taking a taking a picture using her camera, her holding a keyboard, and holding a notepad covering half of her face.

The design of the website is very simple, clean and not a lot of colors used. Its just black, white and gray. The Digital Portfolio consist of eight pages and it is easy to follow

  • About Page: readers get a taste of where Vo has worked and how she got into multiplatform journalism. There is a list of her expertise and a picture of herself on an 100 hundred dollar bill, which represents that she covered the economy.
  • Video: The page is broken into her feature stories, news stories, motion graphic and miscellaneous videos.
  • Photos: The photos broken into enterprise, news, culture, street, and commission. The photos are colorful and it is wide range of different photos of varies subjects.
  • Graphics: Consist of different types of infographics that relates to the economy.
  • Writing: Her writing samples are broken down into the company’s that she worked for like Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal. There is links or PDF files for each story.
  • Resume: The resume page is not really creative, it a straight forward resume with the list of Vo’s expertise/
  • Resources: Is a tutorial and cheat sheet page. Infographics that can be a resources and helpful for anyone that is aspiring multiplatform journalist.

Nontraditional Website

One of the nontraditional news website has to be “The Soup” website that provides news about celebrities and the weird things that they do, it is “News that you can’t use”, meaning that these weird stories you would not use at all in a news program like “60 minutes” or “NBC Nightly news with Brian Williams”.

The website is easy to follow and is straightforward. The design of the website tries to grab the attention of the reader and their audience, it is very colorful.

Content that peaks Interest

Bleacher Report website peaks my interest because it is a website that is all about sport- related news. Navigating the website is simple and its homepage has  images and stories that are popular or breaking news.

It consist of 10 different pages of content about varies sports (MLB, NBA, NHL, Masters, etc.) It features “The Lineup” list of the top 10 viewed stories, which sometimes feature human interest stories.

The website and the design of the website is simply, but very colorful. Many of the stories may grab the attention of the audience. The color scheme is simple (orange and gray), but the design of the website is easy for the audience to find information and it’s easy for someone who is looking at the website for the first time.



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