Pat McGonigle Credits His Mentor For His Success

In journalism its about the play on words, learning about the Inverted pyramid, and coming up with catchy headlines, all of these skills that Pat McGonigle learned at Saint Louis University.  McGonigle graduated in 1994, still uses these skills every day as the morning anchor for KSDK in St. Louis. It also helped him land his first job at WHGH, the NBC affiliate in Boston.

In order to get the job in Boston, there was a writing test and they handed out AP wire copy. McGonigle had to write a 20-second TV script about the new Coca Cola campaign, where they were going to remove the ribbon from the can. “The lead-in that I wrote was a big ribbon ceremony for Coca Cola today, but not the one you may be thinking of,” McGonigle said.

McGonigle gives credit to his SLU mentor, Dr. Avis Meyer who McGonigle says taught him everything he knows about writing headlines and having fun with words and the knowledge that he learned from Meyer is the reason McGonigle got his first job.

McGonigle, a communication major  was in several classes that Meyer taught. One of Dr. Meyer’s fondest memories of McGonigle is when he learned that McGonigle was coming back to Saint Louis to work at KSDK. “ He called me to tell me that he got the job. I told him that I was really honored that he called me.  He said, ‘You know who I’m calling next?,’ I said ‘who?’ He said, ‘My parents,’ I think he gives me too much credit, but I love to brag on him,” Dr. Meyer said.


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