Top Five Ways Not To Violate Intellectual Property Laws

The first thing you might ask is “What is intellectual property?” Intellectual property is ownership of any idea or creation. Getting ready to create your own work, here are couples of things you need to know on ways of not violate intellectual property laws:

1) Copyright: protects the owner of their original work. The original work pay include: screenplays, movies, YouTube videos, or blog post. The owner has the right to perform or distribute their work.

  • Come up with your own ideas, not matter what taking someone else’s idea or creation and calling it your own is against the law.

 2) Trademark: The trademark law protects the use of phrases or symbols created by a person or company. The owner of that trademark has the legal right to protect their work from being using by others. Examples of trademark The ESPN logo and the phrase “Greatness Awaits” from Sony, the PlayStation 4 slogan.

  • The slightest resemblance of a logo can violate intellectual property laws.

3) Trade Secrets: Trade secret is any secret information about a certain company given to another company or rival company. Examples of items that you should consider protect by trade secret laws: Marketing plans and financial information.

  • If the information is obtain illegal (theft or hacking) the owner is protected by trade secret law from having that information release.

 4)  Patent: This law provides ownership of any creation or methods. This law is in effect twenty years from the time an application was filed. Examples of Patents: Blueprints and Computer software.

  • You do not want to create a blueprint/computer software from someone else ideas.

5)  Industrial Designs: It is the creation of shape, two or three dimensional. It is granted to the creator to be rewarded by their time an effort of creating the product. Granted this title the owner has the right to sell or import the design. Examples of Industrial Designs: Mini Cooper iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

  • Remember that any violation could result in appears in court or mostly likely being sued.

This should give you a better understand of the different types of intellectual property laws and provide information that will help you not violate this laws.


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