Networking With Professionals: Tips and Words of Encouragement

It is always good to network with others people in whatever field you are interested in. The Communication department held a networking event for communications majors. Some of the guest speakers were SLU alumni. Speaker’s areas of expertise range from Public relations, Journalism, TV production, Marketing, and Marketing Research just to name a few.

The main theme of the event was “building your brand”. It doesn’t matter what field you are interesting get your work out there and start putting your name out there so people can take notice. Getting to that extra push you would need in getting your dream job. Jim Mayfield, Executive Creative Director, Schupp Company had some good tips when working on your portfolio. “It is about the three C’s. Consume, create, and connect,” Mayfield said. His philosophy is to consume as much information as you possible can about your interest, not just your field, but other things as well. Continue creating new work and always update your portfolio. Stay connected use Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in. Linked in is another website where you can stay connecting with professionals in whatever field you are interested in. Other tips that may be helpful to the audience:

  • “Just Do”. Think about it, talk about it, and act. Put the campaign in motion
  • Whatever idea you have, just do it. For example, starting a blog and produce videos.
  • Pay attention in class, because whatever you learn in class you can apply to the real world.
  • Work hard to perfect your craft.
  • Be open and never assume. Always be able to adapt in any situation.

Rachel Moylan says, “I hate networking, but I know this is a great opportunity to pick other’s brain about your field”. Walking away from this event could give the audience a little more motivation to start putting their work out there and not just talking about it. Go out there and do it.



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