Building My Brand: Starting From The Bottom

The personal brand that I am going for is being the woman that knows everything about sports. I am familiar with the sports terminology of each sport. The two main sports that I am know a lot about is football and basketball, but I do have the drive to be familiar with others. I try to keep up on current events happening in the world of sports. I think I have already started a personal brand on my personal twitter account where 80 percent of what I tweet about is about sports. Even though I watch different sports commentators but I also read of a lot of articles and stats. Not only on social media but I continue to build my brand by networking with others and in many cases family members look to me for information on the latest news and scores. Social media and word of mouth is how I’m going to continue building my brand. The goal is not just building a brand locally, but establishing a strong portfolio of work that speaks for itself. The key things to remember when building your brand:

  • Experience, skills, qualities helps build your own unique brand.
  • Find a subject or hobby that you are good at. (finding your niche)
  • Connect with the people and be social Use social media sites to further expand your brand.
  • Start a portfolio and put it out there.

There are few people that I look up to and I see how hard they work in building their brand, which gives me motivation to hit the ground running. The main person that I look up to is Rachel Nichols. She has been building her brand since the 1990s. I started paying attention to her when she was on ESPN. But her brand has grown since starting out at The Washington Post. Not only is she still on ESPN, but she also work with Turner Sports and CNN. Her brand is the reason why CNN has given her own show, her work speaks for itself.  Going to her twitter account you know her brand/niche which is sports, because what is in her bio and background image. What she stands for and her expertise is well known and she gives me motivation that one day I can be just like her.


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