The Titanic In Her Own Words

The photos and the video of the Titanic is something that tells the story itself without narration. On National Geographic website, provided a better insight of the Titanic before and after she sank. Visual of the wreckage draws the audience to have an emotional reaction to the video and photo. With each photo tells a story and in most cases the audience could possible draw a different story. They could visual picture them on the ship itself, give the audience more of a emotional attachment to the ship. There is an interactive mode where you can be a passenger on the ship and take a tour of the ship as well. The visuals of the ship before and after the wreckage could pull on the heart strings and has the audience think about all the families and crew members that were on the ship. Imagining the laughter that was filled in the hallways and the dining room, the visuals has the audience draw into being a passenger aboard the ship. The artwork is something to look at and how the artist can easily depict different stories told all at once.

The one thing that is important the videos and photos of Titanic is a different way of storytelling. In many ways, there is no need for voice over. It is not in the traditional sense of the journalist with voice over. The story is told by the ship itself. A different way of storytelling without using words to describe the images and videos. Giving the audience the option to interpret the video and photos differently, it give the audience a new meaning of the video or photo.



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