Florissant Fall Festival features shopping & neighborhood

The Florissant Fall Festival, which started from St. François to St. Ferdinand. Each block was filled with different booths where attendees can shop, eat, and watch a puppet with kids. This event took place on Oct. 12, 2013. The Florissant Fall Festival is an annual event that has been going on for the past 15 years. . Katie Mahoney, secretary that helps organize the festival every year says that on about 35,000 people attend the festival. More than last year this only had 20,000 people due to rain.

Festival pics 004

 ST. LOUIS—on the average at least 35,000 people attended the Florissant Fall festival every year. Mahoney said (SLU/Delores McKenzie-Bush)

Variety of booths filled the streets, if attendees wanted to sign up for self-defense class there was a self-defense training Academy. A couple of booths away there was booth which was filled with Vietnam veterans serenading passerby. There was the smell of different types of food in the air. If you had a taste for some barbeque attendees could have stop by Taste of Romeo’s. Chef Romeo Banks has been cooking for some time now and has been attended this event for the last three years. “It all depends on what type of festival you go to. Most of them only have German food and not a lot of barbeque, what’s a festival without barbeque?” said Banks. He is best known for a foot long polish sausage. Cross from Banks booth, a puppet show happening in which the audience of children helped the main character solve a mystery.

Eugene Rubie, a caricaturist has been coming to Florissant Fall Festivals. “I have been attending this festival for the past 15 years. I’ll keep doing this until I go blind,” Rubie said. Other activities around the festival were a raffle where a lucky winner could win a 32- inch TV. BBQ, Italian, Mediterranean food filled up the air as attendees go around to different booths. Even a booth at the Chicken Teriyaki Bando who was cooking fried Oreos.

Different types of music for different people rather of attendees like rock, acoustic, Asian folk or even polka music. The festival as featured a flea market where people can shop for men and women who were looking dresses for clothing. Sports memorabilia store filled with St. Louis Cardinals store as well as a booth were selling comic books.


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