Top Five tips for media scriptwriting

Writing news for TV and print are different in many ways. Someone who is coming from writing print to TV writing can follow these tips to become a better writer and have a better understanding the difference between TV and print.

  1. The difference between TV and printing writing.
  • During a TV broadcast, some stories might run in the morning and in the afternoon broadcast. But most of the time those same stories might not run during the evening broadcast. So if you did not catch the story earlier you might not get a chance to see the story again. While stories in print, people can easily go back and read the stories.

2.  Use nouns and verbs over adjectives.

  • It also best to use nouns and verbs rather than adjectives. Using adjectives like “horrible” or “incredible” can be subjective. It is important to let the listener decide.

3. The risk of losing the listener.

  • You don’t want to lose the interest of the listener so you should present the facts so that it is easy to follow and understand, you would want to be informal more conversational.
  • Make sure that you want the listener to know why they should care about this story

4.  Avoid confusion

  • You have to remember that your audience comes first and they might not understand certain phrase or jargon. most likely you will lose the audience because they might not understand and be confused.

5. Editing is important

  • After writing your script it is always best to read it out loud. It will help you figure out what things you should change if sentence might be too long or using words that the audience might not understand.

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