Aaron Jacobson Has a Strange Encounter With a Stranger

            Aaron Jacobson a freshman student at SLU, study aboard in Madrid, Spain in Spring 2013.  On the last day of their four city tour Aaron visited Chefchaouen, Morocco and ran into a stranger and they had an interesting conversation. Also he had trouble speaking the language, but he found safe haven in a stranger. The tour guides informed the group not to venture off on their own and yet Aaron did not take their advice.

Jacobson ran into a stranger, a shop keeper. He invited Jacobson back to his store and he agreed.  As they walked into his store, the shop keeper opened up to Jacobson about American culture. Jacobson was amazed that this person who lived halfway around the world knew so much about American culture. Jacobson and shop keeper found common ground there were able American culture. Jacobson states, “I am still amazed that someone who is so detached from American society knew so much about America, our customs, and even our slang humor. It proved to me that even though he was half a world away, he still cared enough to learn about our (American) culture. It also made me realize that despite our differences, we are all human and can relate on the simplest levels.” Jacobson felt so comfortable around the shop keeper that he decide to buy some of his product. It was a handmade shot glass that was in the store. shop keepers’ wife decorated glassware and weave rugs that is being sold around the world. After his visited in shop keeper’s store, Aaron went back to his group and brought his close friend Graham Tait and others back to the store.

While in Spain, Jacobson was with his friend Tait having fun in Madrid, it wasn’t all fun and games. “Another weird part of the experience had to watch out for pickpockets. Although there aren’t many armed robberies in Spain as there are US but it’s because they have the world’s leading pick-pocketing problem. We encountered one in Toledo, Spain when traveling but I could tell what he was up to and he ran off without getting anything”, Tait said.


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